Contribution Guidelines

Contributions in all forms are always welcome. Follow the following guidelines while contributing :-

  1. If contributing a new feature, first open an issue on github. Describe the feature and provide some references. Also clarify why it shall be a good feature to have in the core library and not simply as a representative example.
  2. If submitting a bug fix, file the issue on github. Make sure the bug exists on the master.
  3. If submitting a new model, open a PR in the model zoo repository. Follow the contribution guidelines present there.
  4. Also fell free to submit documentation changes.

For you PR to be merged it must strictly adhere to the style guidelines, we use flake8 for that purpose. Also all existing tests must pass. No breaking changes will be accepted unless when we are making a change in the major version. Also be sure to add tests and documentation for any code that you submit.


We are thankful to all our contributors! For a complete list of contributors, please see the official Contributors List on github.